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Quick fast personal link store that exports to a HTML template for quick posting to a blog

Usecase: storing interesting news articles you come across during a week with at the moment notes/commentary and then exporting in a currated organized format for immediate blog posting at your convience


As this is a personal project, some of the niceities like user managment are left to be done in SQL. I needed a tool to store links and export to html so that's what I've focused on.


go get

DB setup

sudo apt-get install postgres postgresql-contrib

Setup postgres to handle a local connection for transmet in pg_hba.conf either: host transmet transmet md5 or a more liberal: host all all md5 and do the same for host all all ::1/128 md5 ipv6

create ssl certs and put them somewhere

enable SSL in postgresql.conf

ssl = true
ssl_cert_file = 'WHER_YOU_PUT/server.crt'
ssl_key_file = 'WHERE_YOU_PUT/server.key'   

Create postgress DB and user

sudo -u postgres --or-- sudo su - postgres
createuser -S -P -E transmet
createdb --owner transmet --encoding utf8 transmet
\c transmet

put DB details in:

  • db/dbconf.yml (copied from db/dbconf.EXAMPLE)

  • config/prod.json (copied from config/local.json)

    go get

    goose up


Assumed GOPATH=/opt/go

edit transmet.conf to point to correct location

sudo cp transmet.conf /etc/init
sudo service transmet start

Setup environment

Adding a user

INSERT INTO users (username, password) VALUES('USERNAME', crypt('PASSWORD', gen_salt('bf')));