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This file lists the authors for Orbot, a free software project to provide
anonymity on the Internet on Android smartphones.
For more information about Orbot, see
If you got this file as a part of a larger bundle, there are probably
other authors that you should be aware of.
Main Authors:
Nathan Freitas <> developed the primary Android
application and managed the porting of Tor to Android.
Jake Appelbaum <> regularly gave Nathan a swift kick
in the rear to get this done. He has also provided extensive guidance
and review. Most recently he has been promoted to Chief Application
Resource Editor.
Derek Halliday <> has designed and implemented
new user interface components and layouts since the 1.0.4 release.
Nick Mathewson <> wrote some of the patch code to
support the compiling of Tor and Libevent on Android, and generally
provided guidance in the entire effort.
Adam Langley made the original valiant effort to port Tor to Android.
Sathyanarayanan <> created a patch for the wizard
which updated the icon and link for the secure chat app info to point
to Gibberbot, and hopefully will continue to contribute useful patches.
__sporkbomb <> implemented an updated set of logic
in TorTransProxy for handling the "transproxy all" mode of operation. Before
certain system processes were leaking traffic, and this was also detected
by his excellent auditing.
Amogh Pradeep <> submitted a patch to address an issue
with the ongoing data transfer notification dying now and then, and is
working on improving the notification display in general
We found a nice new power button vector set here under the CC license: