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This document explains how to properly build an Android package of Orbot from
Orbot includes, in the external directory, git repo submodules of:
- Tor
- OpenSSL (statically built and patched for Android)
- LibEvent
- JTorControl: The Tor Control Library for Java
Please install the following prerequisites (instructions for each follows):
Android Native Dev Kit or NDK (for C/C++ code):
Android Software Dev Kit or SDK (for Java code):
AutoMake and AutoConf tool
sudo apt-get install autotools-dev
sudo apt-get install automake
sudo apt-get install autogen autoconf libtool gettext-base autopoint
You will need to run the 'android' command in the SDK to install the necessary
Android platform supports (ICS 4.x or android-15)
Be sure that you have all of the git submodules up-to-date:
./ fetch
To begin building, from the Orbot root directory, it builds all submodules and
the project.
./ build
Now build the Android app
(gradle / android studio instructions here)
This will produce an unsigned Tor package APK.
To produce a usable package, you'll need to sign the .apk. The basics on
signing can be found on the Android developer site: