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1.2 KiB Multi language prime number project:
Prime number finders in ~40 languages
and a test driver

2014: added go

2013: Cleanedup and small additions
Cleaned up code to work with newer versions of compilers and interpreters and added a few new languages

2011: Re-release
This project is still a terrible blunt way to see how different languages/implementation perform and compare at basic arithmatic and looping and crudly look at speed. And it's a small roseta stone too. drives it all and it's appaling speghetti code I wrote half a decade ago and I probably still knew better. I've made a few quick updates since 1.01 from 2006 to make it run on Ubuntu 10.04 which is what I'm running. Your milage may vary, but it's on github now, so feel free to offer suggestions in code.

With this project I want to implement prime number finders in as many languages as I can. It's pretty much a way for me to learn a littlebit about a lot of languages. This project also comes with a test program ( which can run and benchmark all the languages so I can see their various performances (part of learning about the languages).