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(in-package :netpipe)
(defun nslookup (hostname)
"Performs a DNS look up for HOSTNAME and returns the address as a
four element array, suitable for socket-connect. If HOSTNAME is
not found, a host-not-found-error condition is thrown."
(if hostname
(sb-bsd-sockets:host-ent-address (sb-bsd-sockets:get-host-by-name hostname))
(defun tcp-connect (server port)
(let ((socket (make-instance 'sb-bsd-sockets:inet-socket :type :stream :protocol :tcp)))
(sb-bsd-sockets:socket-connect socket (nslookup server) port)
(format t "Error: Connection refused~%")
(defun tcp-print-raw (socket line)
(when (and socket line)
(sb-bsd-sockets:socket-send socket line nil)))
(defun tcp-print (socket line)
(tcp-print-raw socket (concatenate 'string (format nil "~04d" (length line)) line)))
(defun tcp-read-raw (socket &key (maxsize 65536))
(when socket
(values (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-receive socket nil maxsize))))
;(if-timeout (timeout (format t "socket-receive timed out after ~A seconds.~%" timeout) (force-output) nil)
15 years ago
(defun tcp-read (socket)
(when socket
(let ((len (parse-integer (tcp-read-raw socket :maxsize 4))))
(tcp-read-raw socket :maxsize len ))))